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ATTENTION:  Mission-Driven Entreprenuers 

Discover The Secret That Will Break Through The Noise While Attracting Your Dream Clients Who Are Willing To Pay A Premium For Your Services!

The Simple System Guiding Mission Driven Entrepreneurs To Launch Their Movement While Building Community & Scaling An Enduring Business All Around The World!


What Would It Mean To Your Business:

  • To Implement The ROADMAP To Becoming A Movement Maker While Building An Enduring Revenue Stream That Will Scale Your Business In Days!

  • To CLOSE Multiple Clients At Once WITHOUT Needing A Huge Budget, A Big Email List Or An Exhaustive Amount Of Effort And Months Of Frustration And Headaches.

  • To Get 'Un-stuck" And STOP Chasing New Prospects To Implementing A System That Gathers A Highly Engaged Group Every Single Month!

  • ​To Have The Proven System That Allows You To Start Building Culture, Community And A Movement With Your Clients Before They Even Purchase From You.

  • To Have The EXACT Playbook That Makes This System "rinse-and-repeat" With A Cornerman Guiding You The ENTIRE Way So You Can Effortlessly LAUNCH This System With PREDICTABLE Results! While Paying As You WIN!

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    Client Testimonies 

    Meet Chris 

    Chris has become known as The Challenge Champion. (this video you will hear Sherpa but that is being updated). With over 25 years in sales, he has been able to help startup companies get through the pioneering phase & into making an impact in this world. He is "your cornerman in social selling". With his specialty of creating spaces for entrepreneurs to connect and make an impact with revenue-generating challenges.

      Chris Colt 

      The Challenge Champion

      Chris is a digital entrepreneur, husband, father, & endurance cyclist with 25+ years of sales experience. Over his career, he contributed to launching two startups that exceeded $100M in sales in under 3 years. Also helped launch a movement that generated $1B in sales in under 5 years.


      Then, in 2017, he was unfulfilled and tired of the corporate grind.


      So, he set his sights on the iconic Leadville 100 mountain bike race. And successfully finished it in 2017. It was the hardest challenge he had ever put himself through, but also the most rewarding. As he crossed that finish line, he knew life going forward was going to be about making an impact versus just making a living.


      He and his family decided to downsize their life and go right into a new race - digital entrepreneurship. Where he is now known as “your cornerman in social selling”. As The Challenge Champion he guides clients on how to build a movement that creates enduring revenue by using the challenge model.

      Chris is married to Sarah his wife of 18 years, and together they have three boys. There is always an adventure going on in the household with either cycling, skiing, fly fishing, or whatever else brings a thrill to the day.


      Chris's mission is to guide mission-driven entrepreneurs to launch & scale their movements via movement marketing so they can make a greater impact in this world!

      Connect on LinkedIn by clicking his photo.

    Guiding mission-driven entrepreneurs who would like to launch movements while building community.

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